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French man arrested after scanning PS4 as $10 worth of fruit at supermarket


A French man has been arrested after using a supermarket scanner to pass off a PS4 as $10 worth of fruits and vegetables.

Europe1 reports that a 19-year-old man named Adel went into supermarket chain Montbéliard and used a weigh scale to create a 9.29 Euro pricetag for a PS4, passing the console off as fruits and vegetables instead of a piece of electronics with a suggested retail price of 340 Euros.

After the successful theft, Adel went back to the same store the next day to try again, and this was his ultimate downfall — he was then arrested by police for the stunt. Adel told police that he sold the original PS4 for 100 Euros and was looking to obtain and sell more in order to buy a train ticket to Nice.

Adel was sentenced to four months in prison by the court of Montbeliard over the heist.


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