Destiny: Phil Spencer can’t jump, just like the rest of us


I’ll admit it: I seized a once in a lifetime opportunity to have Phil Spencer sign my Xbox One. In doing so, I learned that I have something in common with the Head of Xbox… and most other Destiny players, for that matter.

As I sheepishly pulled out my console after a lengthy chat, I tried to save face by telling Spencer that I’d brought it to Sydney in an attempt to level up my Light in Destiny between appointments.

“I love Destiny!” Spencer said with a smile.

“I play as a Titan. I’ve must have put over 500 hours into the game,” he mused.

His smile turned into a small frown.

“And I still can’t jump,” he exclaimed. “I need to equip the sword to go into third-person mode whenever I try; that seems to make it a bit easier.”

I assured Spencer — like I’m sure most of us could — that I have problems jumping with Warlocks, Hunters and Titans alike. As I told him Raids still give me nightmares, he laughed.

Spencer had finished signing my console by then. He’d made my day… and I hoped that my Destiny assurance did the same for him as well.

We’ll have more with Phil Spencer over the coming weeks.