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Apex Legends players want to be able to bite while downed

Are you an ankle biter?

Some Apex Legends players want to be able to bite opponents while downed, and the idea looks to be gaining traction.

“I’m sick of being useless JUST because I’m bad at the game,” redditor DivineRedefinied complained. “Let me monch an ankle.”

The redditor’s solution to the problem is simple: downed players should be given the ability to bite others, causing a paltry 5 damage per bite. Sure, it’d take a lot of biting to down another player, but at least you’d still be fighting.

While the request is (obviously) being treated as something as a joke, some players are apparently behind it.

“Gonna go to bed, this better be at the top and hot patched in when I wake up,” one wrote.

“I can just imagine the champion dialogue for this. Just Pathfinder cheerily shouting, ‘om nom nom’,” another wrote.

I personally think this is a tremendous idea, and for the reasons the original poster specified. What do you think?

Apex Legends is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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