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Destiny 2: Those who’ve pre-ordered can now pre-load the Beta client


The Destiny 2 beta is now available to pre-load for those who’ve pre-ordered the main game on Xbox One and PS4.

Those who’ve pre-ordered the game digitally should be able to head to their PS4 or Xbox One and search for the beta client in their respective stores. Those who’ve pre-ordered a physical copy of the game will first have to head to the Destiny 2 beta website to exchange their code for the pleasure.

Once that’s done, you can head here for the Destiny 2 – Beta client on Xbox One, and here for the Destiny 2 – Beta client on PlayStation 4.

Pre-loading was made available from 3.00 am AEST this morning. This author has been able to pre-load the 12.83GB client on Xbox One, but can only add the PS4 download to his wishlist.

Those on PS4 can expect to play from 18 July, while those on Xbox One play from 19 July. From 21 July, the beta opens up to all players on both platforms.

Players who’ve pre-ordrered on PS4 can access the Destiny 2 beta from 3.00 am AEST on 19 July. Pre-orders on Xbox One then join the beta at 3.00 am AEST on 20 July. Those who’ve not pre-ordered on either console can then join the fray at 3.00 am AEST on 22 July — after downloading the client at that time, of course. The beta runs until 24 July, with a one-hour window to visit The Farm, Destiny 2‘s new social space, between 3.00 – 4.00 am AEST on Monday, 24 July.

Got all that?

Destiny 2 heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 6 September, followed by a release on Windows PC on 24 October. A beta is also planned for PC.