Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will rework Power (again)


Time to grow, Guardians.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep will change how players will pursue Power, Bungie has recently revealed.

According to Bungie’s Luke SmithShadowkeep will boost all owned armour and weaponry to Power level 750, and those who’re starting out with Destiny 2 New Light will also be placed at 750 Power. Players will essentially start off at the same point in pursuit of Shadowkeep‘s new Power cap of 950.

Players will no longer rely on Prime Engrams to get boosts of Power; instead, the will accumulate chargers for Prime Engrams as they play. Once a player hits 900 Power, the charged Prime Engrams will start to pay off.

Moreover, Smith said it will be easier to find armour or weaponry that’s causing your Power level to lag.

“A player has an overall Power level of 912,” Smith said as part of an explanation. “Gloves are their lowest slot at 906. A player might open a Legendary engram and receive 912 gloves (an increase of 6 Power).”

While the Power cap of 950 applies, Smith also confirmed that some events — Raids, Iron Banner and a secretive new mode — will be able to drop items above 950 Power.

Destiny 2 is available now and Shadowkeep heads to Windows PC, Xbox One PS4 and Stadia on 1 October.