Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2019 available this week


Time to grind, Guardians.

The Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2019 event will start later this week, Bungie has advised.

Available from 9 July in North America (or 10 July in Australia), the Moments of Triumph 2019 event mirrors ones from past years — players will need to complete Triumphs in order to move up in the 2019 rankings.

Completing Triumphs will earn you the following in- and out-of-game rewards:

  • Complete 1 Moment of Triumph: Moments of Triumph 2019 Emblem
  • Complete 5 Moments of Triumph: Moments of Triumph 2019 Sparrow
  • Complete 10 Moments of Triumph: Moments of Triumph 2019 Ship
  • Complete 15 Moments of Triumph: Moments of Triumph T-Shirt offer
  • Complete all Moments of Triumph: Moments of Triumph 2019 Seal and Title

The event runs from now until 28 August and will incorporate the Solstice of Heroes 2019 event as well. You can check out the real world t-shirt reward below.

All Moments of Triumph 2019 Triumphs

All available Triumphs over the duration of Moments of Triumph 2019 are as follows:


  • Legendary Valor
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arms
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arms
  • Nothing Left to Say
  • The Vault
  • Mythic
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arms
  • Inheritance
  • O Murderer Mine
  • Valiant Savior
  • Going the Distance
  • Prime Fashion
  • Bedazzled

Solstice of Heroes Triumphs

  • Strike Spelunker
  • Exotic Arsenal
  • Gun for Hire
  • Challenger
  • Fashion Hero
  • Above and Beyond
  • Master Smith

“In order to earn the 2019 Moments of Triumph T-shirt offer, players will need to own Destiny 2: Forsaken,” Bungie advised. “To complete all 2019 Triumphs and unlock their title, players will need to own the Destiny 2 Annual Pass.”

Good luck to those going for the big rewards.

Destiny 2 is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Stadia soon alongside cross-save capabilities.

Note: We originally mixed up Bungie Day — 7 July — with the start of Moments of Triumph 2019. We’ve corrected this error.