Demon’s Souls on PS5 has a mysterious new locked door

Demon’s Souls on PS5 isn’t just a 1-to-1 remake of the original, with players discovering a mysterious new locked door in World Level 1-3.

As shown off by Twitter’s VaatiVidya below, the door doesn’t appear to have a keyhole — though an on-screen prompt reads, “It appears to be locked” when you try to open it.

At the moment, it’s unclear how the door can be unlocked, though a clever user — Redditor Cosmic-Vagabond — took advantage of the game’s Photo Mode (above) to peer beyond the door. Once opened, it’ll provide access to an outdoor courtyard. There, a Knight lies in wait with some time of item.

“At the start of 1-3 there’s the alleyway that branches off between a dead end and the path to the tower where Yuria is being held,” the user added. “The locked door is hidden behind an illusory wall at the end of the dead end.”

We’ll keep you informed as progress on the locked door is made.

Demon’s Souls is available now on PS5.

Demon's Souls

12 Nov 2020 (PS5)

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