DC Universe Online goes free-to-play in October

Did you ever want to slap on some spandex and go parading about the city, stopping evil-doers, but the cost was just a little too high?

I’m talking IN A VIDEOGAME, people.

If so, now’s the time to indulge in your fantasy as Sony Online Entertainment recently announced that DC Universe Online would be switching to a free-to-play format beginning this October.

DCU Online will be using three levels of subscription: free, premium, and legendary. All levels provide access to the game and its various quests, but higher levels get some neat perks.

First time players (aka free players) who’ve never had a subscription before will gain access to the game without DLC. Free users will be able to create two characters.

Those who’ve had at least a one month paid subscription, or have spent at least $5 USD in-game will be premium members. Premium members get additional character slots, inventory slots, and higher cash limits in-game.

Finally, lifetime memberships change to legendary memberships. You get everything associated with the old lifetime membership – access to DLC at no cost, more than 80 inventory slots, and more than 15 character slots. Those wishing to upgrade to this status can do so for $14.99 USD a month.

Even though I’d rather play as Batman or Superman instead of “Generic Superhero Man”, this might be enough to get me into an actual MMO. How about you? Let us know.

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