Crossy Road Castle is exclusive to Apple Arcade


Coming in 2019.

Crossy Road Castle is the latest from Australian studio Hipster Whale, exclusive to Apple Arcade upon its release.

The title is a 2D platformer designed for multiplayer, it was today revealed, and will support PS4 DualShock 4 and Xbox One wireless controllers, perfect for platforming that will have players “climbing into the air forever,” Hipster Whale advised.

Multiplayer support caters to up to four players at once, it was also confirmed.

At launch, Crossy Road Castle will feature one level — “Unihorse Tower” — though more levels and characters will be added as post-launch content. A release date isn’t known as yet, but we’ve been told we can expect Crossy Road Castle later in 2019.

Apple Arcade is currently available in Australia, an Xbox Game Pass-like subscription service that offers a library of games on supported Apple devices.