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You can play Cross Country Canada in your browser right now

And you really, really should.

Look, I’m old. I went to elementary school back in Canada at a time when the Apple II ruled. I’m no stranger to the likes of Number Munchers and The Oregon Trail, but my favourite educational game of all time is Cross Country Canada. I’d like to introduce it to you right now.

If you’re unfamiliar, Cross Country Canada places you in the shoes of a trucker responsible for hauling loads all across the Great White North. An exercise in resource management, Cross Country Canada also is a great way to get to learn about Canada’s geography.

Thanks to the Internet Archive, the MS-DOS classic can be played in-browser, and we’ve got it below for you to try out. You’ll also need the extensive list of text-based commands to get by. If you stop by Saskatoon, SK, say hi to my folks.

Enjoy (with thanks to Access Winnipeg)!

ANDLinks commands together
C (continue)Moves the truck in the same direction it was going.
D (down)Driver steps out of the truck
DAView dashboard
DAYShows how many days you’ve been on the road
EATEat at a restaurant. Costs $10 a shot.
EXShows expenses.
FILL UPFills up your gas tank.
GET [commodity name here]Gets the commodity if you are in a city that has it.
H (Health)Lets you know if your trucker needs to eat or sleep
I (inventory)Shows the date, all commodities you picked up, your final destination, and the next commodity you need (if applicable)
L (look)Gives a description of the surroundings
LMLocal Map. Shows the current Prov/Territory.
N, S, E, W (and all combos)moves the truck in that direction.
PICK UP HITCHHIKERIf you see a hitchhiker on the side of the road and want to pick him up, then stop the truck (press enter) and type this.
PMPolitical Map. Shows the whole map of Canada.
PUT ON SEATBELTWhat you should do when you get into any vehicle.
QUITQuits the game.
RADIO FOR HELPUse when you get into an accident or run out of gas.
RESTOREloads a previous game.
SAVESaves a game.
SCRIPTPrints a transcript of the game
SLEEPSleep in your truck for 8 hours.
SLEEP IN HOTELSleep in a hotel for 8 hours. Costs $30.
SPEEDIf you want to be a speed demon and make the truck go faster. Causes accidents and the cops may come after you.
TTurns the truck on/off
T ON LIGHTSTurns on headlights. Use T OFF LIGHTS to turn off.
T ON WIPERSTurns on wipers. Use T OFF WIPERS to turn off.
UGets the trucker back in the truck.
UNSCRIPTStops printing your game.
WAITMakes an hour go by.

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