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Bungie details changes to Destiny’s Nightfall and Heroic strikes

Bungie announced upcoming changes to strikes in its weekly update today. At the moment, Guardians run the Weekly Nightfall Strike as early as possible to be granted a buff to experience for the remainder of the week. This experience buff will be removed in “The Taken King”, Bungie advised, adding that it will adjust “sources of XP and reputation up to account for its absence”.

The second major change to the Nightfall is that wiping will no longer return Fireteams to Orbit. There will now be a 30 second time-out penalty for Death, just like in Raid set to normal difficulty.

The Weekly Heroic Strikes will be removed and replaced by a Weekly Heroic Playlist to keep things a little more interesting. Rewards will now be tied to accounts rather than characters so the first three Heroic Strikes completed will reward guardians with Legendary Marks. Bungie says its trying to stop the grind of switching characters to complete the weekly events.

Conversely, Guardians will be guaranteed a Legendary Engram drop from a character’s first clear of a Weekly Heroic Strike, creating the need to switch characters. Confused? I don’t blame you. In essence, to get the most out of the Strikes you will still need to complete one with each character in your stable, making the changes redundant. At least the Strike will vary because of the playlist.

Bungie also mentions once again that Legendary Marks that are used to purchase endgame loot will no longer have a weekly cap. This has been drilled into us for the last week, but given the nature of the rewards having weekly lockouts there will still be a finite number available across the daily and weekly challenges. So no there isn’t a cap for legendary marks anymore because the game includes a natural cap.

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