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Bungie cancels Destiny 2 livestream after fan backlash

Great response -- mostly silence.

A planned Destiny 2 livestream has been cancelled by developer Bungie in response to fan backlash over hidden XP caps and a push toward microtransactions.

Two of three livestreams have already been broadcast, though the final one won’t see the light of day.

“Tomorrow, we had planned to conduct the final stream prior to the launch of “Curse of Osiris” to show off some of the weapons and armour the expansion includes,” Bungie’s DeeJ wrote on the developer’s forums.

“Instead, we are investing all our efforts into delivering some higher priority information about Destiny 2. You’ll hear from studio leadership about their assessment of Destiny all up, they will talk about our goals for the game going forward, and you’ll also learn about how we’re reacting to your feedback with some game updates that will arrive in the next few weeks.”

Fans are livid after a recent discovery that Destiny 2 had a hidden XP cap that prevented regular earning of Bright Engrams past level 20. Bright Engrams provide shaders and other customisation items, and need to be purchased with real-world cash if not earned in-game.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. The “Curse of Osiris” expansion heads to all platforms on 5 December.


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