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Blood Gulch has never looked better in Halo 2 Anniversary

Blood Gulch is one of the most familiar landscapes in gaming, the iconic Halo: Combat Evolved map was immortalised by the classic vehicle based CTF gameplay, remade in just about every version of Halo released since and of course, is the birthplace of Red vs Blue. It was always going to be one of the six maps remade in Halo 2: Anniversary, it was just a matter of what would 343 do to make this version unique?


That question has been answered today at Xbox Wire, as Bloodline was revealed. Remaking Coagulation (the Halo 2 edition of Blood Gulch), Bloodline takes elements from Halo 3 and Reach to create what they call a “best of” version of the classic map. Additions include a centre base with warthog and banshee, more air options with the inclusion of Hornets behind the bases and a defensive EMP attack useable at each base to nullify some of the potency of vehicles.


Of course, those who prefer things don’t change can access the original Blood Gulch, Coagulation and Valhalla in the Master Chief Collection, as well as these updated Halo 2 Anniversary maps. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available 11 November exclusive to Xbox One.

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