This bloke modded his Porsche 911 to play Doom with its steering wheel


In what sounds like an expensive segment from The Grand Tour, a presumably wealthy man has modded his Porsche 911 to play Doom using its steering wheel, gear shifter, horn, and accelerator as controls.

But it wasn’t Richard Hammond. It’s been done by a bloke named Vexal on YouTube, who owns at least one cat.

Vexal’s video explains how he claims to have modded the flashy car’s screen in the centre console to run Doom. At the 2:55 mark he takes it for a spin and starts playing. In what would be a highly unsafe, and probably illegal, manoeuvre he drives and plays at the same time. But in true “don’t try this at home” fashion, Vexal is in the clear, emphasising he’s driving on a private property and not public roads.