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Batman Gotham Knights teaser continues; stars Batman, Robin, Batgirl

The far too long teaser of Batman Gotham Knights today continues with smart users cracking a teaser code before the actual tease comes into play. Tease.

Already, the multi-day code required for a teaser website has been cracked, resulting in the final number of “761941364995”, as follows:

  • Day 1 (18 August): 761
  • Day 2 (19 August): 941
  • Day 3 (20 August): 364
  • Day 4 (21 August): 995

That number is (coincidentally? doubtful) the same EAN as Detective Comics #359, which (coincidentally? doubtful) is a reproduced cover of Batman Gotham Knights #43. See below.

What’s this mean? No idea — the tease of Batman Gotham Knights has been going on far too long by this point for us to actually care (since 2018, in fact). I guess Batman, Robin and Batgirl feature… as they already have in the Batman Arkham series. Ho hum.

All this garbage precedes a panel titled, “Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement”, currently scheduled for 23 August.

We’ll have more as WB Montreal continues to drip feed info about Batman Gotham Knights. Boo.

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