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Avengers’ Xbox One release has a number of bugged Achievements

More bad news for Xbox players.

Avengers will soon leave early access and be available to all at retail, and Stevivor can confirm that a number of its Achievements on Xbox One are bugged.

This writer can personally confirm that the game’s final campaign Achievement doesn’t unlock upon completion, nor do a number of Achievements tied to collecting Artifacts, completing missions in certain conditions or collecting in-world collectibles. A number of gamers have also confirmed these Achievements to not unlock when requirements are met.

“ANY achievement that is ‘Do this amount’ of stuff seems broken,” user Zero Jehuty wrote on a TrueAchievements forum. “They all seem to work fine on PS4.”

“Of course they work perfectly fine on PS4,” replied user The SCHWARTZ 00, then referencing Crystal Dynamics’ deal with Sony to bring Spider-Man to the game as a PlayStation exclusive. “Why did you all support this game when the devs treat Xbox owners like second class citizens?”

We’ve asked Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix for comment.

Avengers heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available from 4 September, though some will play from 1 September. A release on Xbox Series X and PS5 follow later in the year.


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