Australian Defence Force ends collabs with ChampChong, Muselk


Over racist and hurtful tweets and videos.

The Australian Defence Force has cut ties with two prominent Aussie YouTubers after a (paywalled) Daily Telegraph report has shed light on the partnerships alongside past actions of the pair.

The Daily Telegraph reports that The Australian Defence Force has paid $52,000 AUD to Alen ‘ChampChong’ Catak (above) and Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins to produce sponsored content back in 2017. The videos are aimed at young Australians and encourage them to sign up for the Defense Force.

The Daily Telegraph describes both YouTubers as “vile twits”, citing racist and hurtful tweets and videos made by the pair.

Of note, ChampChong has been quoted as tweeting, “not being racist, but movies are made by jews, they care for every last cent lol.”

Muselk has been quoted as calling a video game character “the face of cancer” in one video and laughing while another player says he’s being “raped.”

As a result of the revelations, Defence Minister Marise Payne has ordered the end of any business deals between the organisation and the YouTubers.

“The material is offensive and has no place in any relationship with the Australian Defence Force or the Defence organisation,” the Minister said.

Neither YouTuber has made comment on the Daily Telegraph’s story. Muselk’s own Click Management — which also represents ChampChong — has since told Kotaku that it will not be issuing a statement.

Example Air Force videos by both ChampChong and Muselk are below.