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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey straightwashing fix is out now

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A patch that corrects Assassin’s Creed Odyssey straightwashing is available now, Ubisoft has confirmed.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey update 1.1.4 fixes the Shadow Heritage DLC, which drew ire for forcing players into heterosexual relationships, alongside the introduction of a New Game plus mode.

The changes made to the Shadow Heritage storyline will let players essentially dump and befriend Natakas or Neema making a baby. The changes mean that players won’t have to continue in a heterosexual relationship in the upcoming Bloodline DLC, which arrives on 5 March,

Full patch notes are as follows:

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey update 1.1.4 – patch notes

Patch Size

  • Xbox One: 5.5G
  • PlayStation 4: 5.7GB
  • PC: 4.7GB


Episode Bloodline – Legacy of the First Blade
  • Added in-game support for Bloodline.
Lost Tales of Greece
  • Added support for upcoming Lost Tales of Greece, coming in March and beyond.

Features and Improvements

Added New Game+ mode
  • Players will be able to keep their current progression (Gear, Mounts, Spear upgrades, Ship upgrades, Abilities, Drachmae, Crafting Materials, etc.) when starting a New Game+.
  • To access New Game+, you’ll need to have completed the Family Quest Line.
Added Frames to Photo Mode
  • Added a set of 10 frames to decorate your photos.
Accessibility Update
  • Alter backgrounds behind dialogues
    • On: This will enable a background for subtitles and dialogue.
    • Off: This will disable the background for subtitles and dialogue.
    • Subtitles: This will enable a background for subtitles only.
    • Change subtitle size


  • The tier of the perks available on a Lieutenant obtained from Ubisoft Club and the Store will now scale based on the player level.
  • Hard mode fights in the Arena are now a bit harder.
  • Added an option to hold down the respective key to increase the number of items quicker.
  • Improved some UI aspects of Photo Mode to increase usability.
  • Increased maximum player level to 99. NINE NINE.
  • Added new Ship tiers to the game
  • Added more Mastery Levels.
  • Added two Mercenary tiers and rewards.
  • Added 22 Viewpoints that can be fast traveled to


  • Drachmae acquisition has been re-balanced across several sources
    • Lowered Drachmae gained with Contracts.
    • Increased Drachmae gained with Bounties and Conquest Battles.
  • Crafting Materials acquisition from Naval sources have been re-balanced
    • Added chance to loot Iron Metal and Soft Leather from sinking ship and looting floating loot.
    • Scaled floating loot quantity based on player level.
    • Lower chance to loot Precious Gem and Obsidian Glass from sinking ship.
    • Increased Wood quantity from Epic Ship.
  • Athenian Hero set bonus will be improved to give: All Arrows Pierce Shields and +30% Hunter Damage.
  • Added a missing perk to the Epic Heavy Bladed Champion’s Axe.
  • The Bounty cost for high-level players at a high level of bounty has been slightly increased.
  • Celestial Crown will now increase damage to swords, as intended.

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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