Apex Legends dev apologises, then call players “ass-hats”


The players? Yeah. They didn't take it so well.

An Apex Legends developer has called players “ass-hats” after an initial post that apologised for an imbalanced economy as part of the game’s Iron Crown event update.

A post on the game’s official website was made saying that developer Respawn “need[s] to be better at letting our players know what to expect,” after players criticised new cosmetics that would cost a total of $140 to fully obtain. A similar apology was posted to the Apex Legends subreddit… and it’s there where things took a turn.

“We’ve said it before, but we will not engage with temper tantrums, and personal attacks or virtriolic (sic) threads are completely unacceptable,” Respawn’s Drew McCoy wrote after fans continued to sledge the studio.

“We took a look in the mirror this week (lol – thanks for all the attacks guys) and decided we hadn’t met up obligations and are making changes because we believe in our approach. I’ve been in the industry long enough to remember when players weren’t complete ass-hats to developers and it was pretty neat. I forged a bunch of long lasting relationships from back then. Would be awesome to get back there, and not engaging with toxic people or asking ‘how high’ when a mob screams ‘jump’ is hopefully a start.”

In response, a user called Daviss2 called Respawn and other developers “money grabbing f*cks” to which McCoy called out, “Hey everyone – found the dick I was talking about.”

As tensions escalated, Respawn Community Manager, Jay Frechette, also lashed out.

“So it’s fine for you all to call us liars, full of sh*t, and other personal attacks when we communicate an apology and update to the event but we’re ‘immature’ when we call people out on it,” Frechette wrote. “Got it.”

Thankfully, it’s not all one-sided. Redditor RaymeCV has written in defense of the developer.

“Drew and Jay are being honest with you, and they’re good people. I’d suggest engaging with them in good faith in those Q&A threads if you have concerns or questions about all this,” RaymeCV said. “I mean; argue and have your opinions for sure, but the conspiracy & personal-attack stuff is disheartening.”

Oh, and if you’re actually after a specific Iron Crown cosmetic, Respawn’s changes mean you’ll be able to acquire the individual ones you’d like at specific times. A schedule for each character is below.

Apex Legends is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.