AFL Evolution Season Pack 2018 out now; patch notes inside


Lace up your boots!

AFL Evolution Season Pack 2018 is available now, adding a bunch of fixes and content to the base game.

Available as a bundle ($84.95 AUD) or as a DLC purchase ($14.95 AUD), you can get a taste of what to expect from the content in a new video:

Ahead of today’s release of the Season Pack 2018 DLC, the base game received a major update yesterday. Patch notes for that release are below.

AFL Evolution patch notes


  • Fixed crash in Most Popular players.
  • Fixed VFL contracts to show correct players entering and leaving team.
  • Fixed bug where players downloaded with a fanhub team would disappear when being delisted.
  • Fixed bug where AFLW players were being generated in wing positions.
  • Fixed bug with save file names in pro/listed career.
  • Fixed bug where players were not being removed from injured or suspended lists.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes users were stuck in FanHub screens.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect player models being shown in the player select screen.
  • Fixed issue with custom teams playing the same theme song. Theme song should now be linked to the team’s logo.
  • Fixed bug where male players would show in the AFLW teams.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect lists and logos to be displayed when returning to the player select screen.
  • Fixed various player creator bugs that caused changes to be reset.
  • Turned ambient crowd noise off while in the player driven replay.
  • Improved camera focus in the player creator.


  • Added Pause menu to quarter breakdowns.
  • Various UI text changes.
  • Fixed player indicators rendering during cut scenes in Pro Career.
  • Fix for text wrapping issue when certain objectives were completed.
  • Fixed legend element being disabled during team linking when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed play-on UI element not always displaying after user played on.
  • Fixed the fixture image transition so that it will now fade up / down correctly.
  • Fixed so that in multiplayer team select it will display the league name when on the league selection options.
  • Fixed so that in the Uploaded Team screen it will display the teams league name at the top right of the screen.

Fan Hub

  • Changed the minimum players required to 22 for custom teams.
  • Using teams with less than 40 players in careers will auto generate additional players to fill all 40 spots.
  • Changed the flow of viewing fanhub teams and their line-ups.


  • Added ability to start a rookie career with an existing custom player.
  • Fixed last-played date in competition menu
  • Added ability to change your name in Coach Career via the management options.
  • Added option to Pro Careers to not have the pro player and direct opponents positions reset on stoppages (other than center bounce).
  • Simulated game statistics will now be scaled to the current Careers quarter length.
  • Players who receive a suspension during the season will now become ineligible to receive the Brownlow medal as intended.
  • You can now select the SKILL tab in the season training menu and sort players by their overall rating.


  • Some speed improvements
  • Improved Multiplayer invitations screens.
  • Added gameplay slider descriptions.
  • Added gameplay slider to influence No Prior Opportunity calls.
  • Added option to have a continuous count up clock. Using this option will suppress the time warning at the end of the 4th quarter.
  • AFL teams playing interstate will now cause less crowd hype than the home team when the ball is in their end of the field.
  • Players will now turn their heads to face the correct directions during replays, not just during gameplay.
  • Improvements to deliberate out of bounds rule.
  • Made the AI more likely to be called for holding the ball.
  • Randomised female draft picks will no longer be randomly made bald.
  • Added a timeout when the ball is spilled and could trigger advantage so that if the ball is not picked up within the time limit then the penalty will be automatically awarded.
  • Fix for players sometimes being snapped to face backwards when they attempted mark.
  • Improved detection of hip and shoulder penalties during mark contests.
  • Reduced the amount that the AI will pass the ball around their forward 50 when they should be taking a shot at goal.
  • Fixed rare issue where instantly playing on from a mark near the boundary could cause the player to uncontrollably run out of bounds into the stadium wall before eventually causing a penalty.
  • AI will be less likely to kick the ball out of bounds on the full when kicking along the boundary.
  • Fixed a number of cases where commentators were playing lines that didn’t match what was happening in the game.
  • Fixed a commentary line where it was using a male line in a female game. (Kicked to himself) when kicking to yourself after a behind.

Big list, eh?

AFL Evolution Season Pack 2018 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed the base game here.