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343 targeting XP boosting, AFK in Halo Master Chief Collection

The inclusion of Halo Reach inside Halo The Master Chief Collection has brought a resurgence of fans back to the collection… and so too has it brought back those going AFK looking for XP gains.

In a new blog post, developer 343 Industries outlined how it will tackle those who aren’t actually playing in multiplayer, ruining the experiences of others.

“Ultimately, we are committed to ensuring that players have a positive, fair, and safe experience playing MCC online,” 343 advised. “While many of the behaviors we’ve seen may seem innocuous, the reality is that when a player participates in something like ‘AFK farming’ in Grifball, they’re creating a negative experience for all the other players in the session. Over time, this creates real issues and hurts MCC by driving away frustrated players.”

343 asserted that those players caught using macros or going AFK will be banned; temporary bans have only been issued at this point, though 343 “will continue to monitor this behavior and take enforcement action as needed.”

Those who are participating in “coordinated XP boosting” will also be banned as 343 believes the action is “unsociable and unsportsmanlike”. So too will those intentionally suiciding in Firefight in order to take advantage of XP gains.

You can read the full post here. As a player who’s jumped into 4v2 games of Grifball more often than not of late, my advise is to report the players who’ve rubber-banded in order to boost their XP.

Halo The Master Chief Collection is available now on Windows PC and Xbox One; the title is part of the Xbox Game Pass program.

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