Twelve Minutes Achievement guide and roadmap

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Twelve Minutes is out now and this Achievement guide and roadmap will detail what’s required to achieve all Achievements in the game across both Windows PC and Xbox consoles.


  • Estimated Achievement difficulty: 2/10
  • Approximate amount of time to complete: 7-8 hours
  • Offline Achievements: 12 worth 1,000 Gamerscore
  • Online Achievements: 0
  • Number of missable Achievements: 0
  • Glitched Achievements: 0
  • Does difficulty affect Achievements? No
  • Minimum playthroughs: It’s all about time loops, so lots. You’ll need to delete your progress to get some.

NOTE: This game is VERY spoilerific — if you don’t want to have its plot spoiled, turn back now! It’s also recommended you play a bit just to understand how things work — there are many different things you can try and we’ll attempt to boil down each Achievement to all choices required, but having some background knowledge will take you a long way.

Additionally, if you’re struggling to get the game to a specific point, you can use this straightforward walkthrough from Polygon to get where you need.

  • Listen: This Achievement is earned by standing, unmoving, in your apartment the very first time you enter it. You’ll need to get the key and enter your apartment, then put your controller down once you see a cutscene with a clock. After that? Do as the Achievement says and listen. You can delete your progress by heading to Start > Options > Advanced > Delete Progress to return to that hallway if you’ve already progressed too far.
  • Fluidity: This Achievement simply requires you to water your bedroom plant once. To do do:
    • Get a mug
    • Fill the mug with water from the sink
    • Use the mug with water on the flowers
  • Gardener: There are three main loops within the game — easiest identified by alterned paintings on your apartment’s wall. Water your flowers (as per the Fluidity Achievement) in each phase until the plant flowers. You’ll need three distinct flowers to earn this. You’ll need to water the plant on every loop and aim for different loop endings (see Coward, Groundhog and Confessed below).
  • Faun: This Achievement requires you to inspect the painting in your bedroom. Like other Achievements, you’ll need to do this during three distinct phases:
    • Phase one: A man and woman on a balcony
    • Phase two: The woman moves away from the man
    • Phase three: Man by himself
  • Seasons: This Achievement requires you to inspect the painting in your living room (the one above the couch). Like other Achievements, you’ll need to do this during four distinct phases:
    • Phase one: Season one (spring)
    • Phase two: Season two (summer)
    • Phase three: Season three (autumn)
    • Phase four: Season four (winter)
  • Coward: You’ll need to confront the cop and have some items in hand for this one. Here’s what to do:
    • Get a mug
    • Fill the mug with water from the sink
    • Get the sleeping pills and use them on the mug with water
    • Give the mug with water and pills to your wife
    • Turn the light in the bedroom on and then off again
    • Grab a spoon and fake candle from the table
    • Grab the phone from inside the closet
    • Use the spoon on the ventilation duct under the kitchen sink
    • Use the candle on the duct to get the pocket watch
    • Hide in the closet
    • When the cop is electrocuted, inspect him and take only the ziptie
    • Use the ziptie on the cop
    • Talk to the cop and say you’re innocent and will co-operate
    • Follow the cop’s instructions until the end of the loop
  • Groundhog: This Achievement requires you to play through loops to gain enough information/intel to perform the following:
    • Preparation: Find out everything about your relationship to the cop and your wife (using the polaroid, torturing the cop for info; everything).
    • Don’t rush the greeting dialogue when you first see your wife
    • Get the phone from the closet and go into the bathroom
    • Lock the the door and call Bumblebee, telling her what her father is doing.
    • Tell your wife it’s a good time for dessert
    • Sit down after she’s set the table
    • Open the present and select positive responses
    • Accept the invitation to dance
    • Tell your wife you love her
    • Take her to bed
  • Confessed: Like Groundhog, you’ll need to have information from the cop before you can try this. To do so:
    • Preparation: Find out everything about your relationship to the cop and your wife (using the polaroid, torturing the cop for info; everything).
    • Talk to your wife and talk about her past, telling her what really happened. Confess to killing her father and that it’s your fault. Say you’ll confess.
    • Call Bumblebee and say your wife is innocent
    • Get the pocket watch
    • Wait for the cop
    • Let your wife talk with the cop
    • Confess to the cop and tell him about the watch
    • Let the loop play out
  • Alone: The Achievement is tied to an ending. To gain this:
    • Preparation: Find out everything about your relationship to the cop and your wife (using the polaroid, torturing the cop for info; everything).
    • Start the loop by grabbing a spoon and entering the bathroom when your wife leaves it
    • Close and lock the door to the bathroom
    • Get the pocket watch and stare at it; this will take you to the father
    • Say you’ll leave your unborn wife and child
    • Select the “Maybe it’s better that we aren’t together” dialogue option when it becomes available.
  • Ouroboros: This Achievement requires you to inspect the Egg painting to the right-side of the kitchen sink. Like other Achievements, you’ll need to do this during three distinct phases; this one is unique in that it is completed during your Alone run:
    • Phase one: The painting is a plain egg
    • Phase two: The shell has cracked at the top and you can see a snake’s eye inside
    • Phase three: The egg has been replaced by a snake eating its own tail (see this by getting the watch in your empty apartment and setting it to 2 minutes to 12)
  • Continue: This is an Achievement tied to an ending and can be completed by following Alone and then resetting the watch to go through a final loop. To get this:
    • Ensure you’ve talked to your wife about the book she’s reading on the couch. Make sure she reads a quote from it to you.
    • Progress as you would to reach the father (know everything and then look at the pocket watch) and select the book again (it’s behind you).
  • Mindfulness: You have to be exact with this one. To do so:
    • Make sure you’ve talked about the book with your wife enough where you can quote it back to her.
    • In the Alone loop, you’ll need to stall the father and time it as so your interactions stop as the clock is on 12. Do this by clicking on the book to talk a bit, then changing your mind. Draw the conversation out (but not too much!). Then, click on the clock as it reaches 12. You can always try in another loop if you miss this.

Twelve Minutes is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

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