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Tell Me Why Collectibles Guide: Find ’em all (in every chapter!)

Tell Me Why Chapter 1 is out now and has a host of collectibles that can be found within it and its subsequent two remaining chapters. This Tell Me Why collectibles guide will help you find them all, split up into the chapter each can be found.

All up, there are 13 collectibles to find, split up as follows:

If you miss any collectible, any can be found by replaying a chapter in Isolation Mode, thereby keeping your choices from your original playthough intact. We’ve listed the chapters in which each collectible can be found if you need to do so.

We’ll also be updating this guide as embargo times for additional chapters pass.

Tell Me Why Chapter 1 collectibles

  • The Crafty Goblins 1/5: Part of normal progression. (0:04; Long Time No See in replay)
  • The Mad Hunter 2/5: Under the house before you find the Goblins’ treasure. (0:37; A Big Wooden House in replay)
  • The Wise Princess 3/5: To the right of Mary-Ann’s bed in her bedroom. (1:19; A Big Wooden House in replay)
  • The Pious Pelican 4/5: After meeting Tessa at the store, follow her into the backroom, then look into the large cupboard to her right. (1:53; Rashomon in replay)
  • The Ice King 5/5: In the far back right corner of the Police Station’s interrogation room after getting coffee. (2:45; To Serve And Protect in replay)

Tell Me Why Chapter 2 collectibles

  • The Big Frog 1/5: This is under the table just off the living room, where you found textbooks and letters. Look under the table to find it. (0:03; Ahoy Goblins! in replay)
  • The Stalwart Moose 2/5: This is inside Eddy’s desk when you can get to the upstairs portion of the Police Station. (0:36; Cold Case in replay)
  • The Mangy Muskrat 3/5: Near the chair and couch in the storeroom of Vecchi’s. (1:05; Plushy Fight! in replay)
  • The Very Old Beaver 4/5: Behind Carol Brown’s gravestone in the cemetery (there’s a memory there, beyond the gated area where Mary-Ann lies). (1:38; Last Rites in replay)
  • The Moon Hag 5/5: After Alyson puts out the fire in the barn, head into the side room where you grabbed the screwdriver from in Chapter 1. It’s to the right. (2:30; Scorched Earth in replay)

Tell Me Why Chapter 3 collectibles

  • The Secret Keeper 1/3: Grab a coin from Eddy’s living room and then go and find a coin-operated box on a shelf in Eddy’s bedroom. (Like Mother, Like Daughter in replay)

  • The Old Bear 2/3: Once you can get upstairs at Sam’s workshop, look inside the desk drawer on the right. (Adrift in replay)
  • The Gold Lady 3/3: From the first puzzle in the loft of the barn (the solution is title, goblins, tree, arm) (Princess and Tiara in replay)

The Collectibles can all be placed at the back of the room inside the Princess and Tiara chapter.

Tell Me Why Chapter 1 will be available on Windows PC and Xbox One from 28 August, part of Xbox Game Pass. The remaining two episodes will be released weekly on a Friday.

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