Spider-Man secret photos guide: Harlem


This is it -- we're done after this!

This is it — our final Spider-Man secret photo guides. This one is all about the 10 photos you’ll find in Harlem.

Note that there are story spoilers in this particular guide — specifically with image 8. Wait to collect that photo until after you’ve finished the game.

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Let’s get cracking! Use the numbered photo above to get yourself into position on the map, then use the corresponding details below.

Harlem photo 1

This one’s a quaint little greenhouse and attached garden.

Harlem photo 2

Snap a shot of the ‘Re-Elect Osborn for Mayor’ office.

Harlem photo 3

This one’s the Harlem Sanitarium. Not quite Arkham Asylum, eh?

Harlem photo 4

This is a big ol’ Capital Building-looking building in the park.

Harlem photo 5

Take a shot of Pale Horse Ridez, a reference to Ghost Rider, we think.

Harlem photo 6

Take a photo of some creepy, Illuminati-like graffiti.

Harlem photo 7

Take a photo of the massive church.

Harlem photo 8

Take a photo of the gravestones of both Ben and May Parker. Then have a small cry.

Harlem photo 9

More graffiti.

Harlem photo 10

Another church-like thing near the graffiti.

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Spider-Man is out now, exclusive to PS4. Read our review here, and see below for the rest of our guides.

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