Spider-Man secret photos guide: Chinatown


One more borough down...

Spider-Man guides are what we’re focused on, and this particular one will help you find the 8 secret photos in Chinatown. Let’s get cracking!

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Use the numbered photo above to get yourself into position on the map, then use the corresponding details below.

Chinatown photo 1: Yuri’s old station

Take a photo of the police station. It’s Yuri’s old HQ.

Chinatown photo 2: Rhino graffiti

Head to the location and look for some pretty nifty artwork.

Chinatown photo 3: Archway

Find the fancy archway and snap away.

Chinatown photo 4: Skate park

You might need to get up on a lamppost to snap this one.

Chinatown photo 5: Leo’s

Is this a reference to something? Who cares. Moving on!

Chinatown photo 6: Movie poster

Would you go and watch First and Last Day?

Chinatown photo 7: Pond

Go and find this pond and pull out your camera.

Chinatown photo 8: Heart Clinic statue

Go and find the heart clinic, then look for a statue in a little courtyard at its centre.

Done! Let’s move to the next borough.

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