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Spider-Man circuit projects guide: All puzzles, solved

Spider-Man is out now on PS4, and we’ve got a tons of guides that you can use to get ahead. This one’s all about the circuit projects accessible in Peter’s lab.

Throughout the course of the game, you’ll have the opportunity to solve the circuit puzzles, which are similar to the ones found in the original Bioshock. Some are relatively easy, while others are more complex and require a specific charge through positive and negative circuits. Solving the puzzles will earn you Research Tokens, used to help you level up Spidey’s suits and gear. Let’s get to ’em!

We’ve listed the puzzles below alongside a rough idea of when they’ll unlock in-game. We use mission titles, so spoilers are ahead in terms of those.

One final note — there are other circuit project puzzles that come in over the course of the game, but we’ve not included them here. Sorry!

Circuit project puzzles 1 & 2

These two puzzles are unlocked midway through the mission titled ‘My OTHER Other Job’.

Circuit project puzzles 3 & 4

These are unlocked alongside the mission titled ‘Something Old, Something New’.

Circuit project puzzles 5 & 6

These can be solved before you start the mission ‘Harry’s Passion Project’. You’ll also get your first Research Token here.

Circuit project puzzles 7 & 8

These are accessible as part of the mission ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Circuit project puzzles 9 & 10

The final two puzzles are unlocked and can be completed before the mission ‘Reflections’. You’ll get your final Research Tokens from Spectrographs here.

Peter’s lab also has a series of spectrograph puzzles that needs to be completed — we’ve a guide for them right here. Doing both sets nets you a lovely Trophy.

Spider-Man is out now, exclusive to PS4. Read our review here, and see below for the rest of our guides.

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