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The Sinking City Frosty Welcome case guide

The Sinking City is out now, a procedural investigation game that doesn’t hold your hand. While we’d advise trying to tackle cases yourself, we’re also here to help as needed — you’ll find point form steps below to tackle the first main questline case, Frosty Welcome.

Minor to major spoilers lie ahead, so read at your own will.

Case #1: Frosty Welcome | Case #2: Lost at Sea

  • You start out on the ship; examine all items and rotate your gun until you get the prompt that lets you pick it up.
  • Go outside speak with Johannes van der Berg.
  • Leave the dock and find the crime scene; there, speak with Robert Throgmorton.
  • Go behind you and look to the shore to find a boat. Inspect the helmet and suicide note.
  • Go back to Robert Throgmorton and speak with him.
  • Go into the crime scene behind Robert.
  • Examine the items inside the house. Turn on your Mind’s Eye and look at the medallion.
  • Enter the portal and piece the timeline together:
    • 1: “What’s happening?”
    • 2: “Take this, ape face.”
    • 3: “Yeah, run!”
  • Using your Mind’s Eye, follow the pointing shadow figures that lead you to the next clue.
  • Examine the bullet and crates while following the shadows
  • Enter the building marked by the shadows; kill the enemy creature within
  • Inspect the body; then enter the Mind Palace to piece together clues (you can simply keep trying to pair ones together until you get a match)
  • Go to the Under the Keel bar in the middle of the docks.
  • While there, find the fortune teller on the ground floor and pay a bullet to have your fortune read. That’ll earn you (Achievement/Trophy: Tempting Fate).
  • Talk to the bartender to get a 2nd floor room key
  • Use the key; speak to the Innsmouth refugee
  • Use your Mind Palace to make a conclusion and decide how to proceed.
  • Go back to Robert Throgmorton and choose a course of action that you feel best.
  • Leave the docks. (Achievement/Trophy: Hook, Line and Sinker)

Case concluded. Next up, Lost at Sea.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.

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