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The Sinking City Lost at Sea case guide

We continue our The Sinking City main case guide series with the second case, titled Lost at Sea.

Spoilers lie ahead, so read at your own will.

Case #1: Frosty Welcome | Case #2: Lost at Sea | Case #3: Quid Pro Quo

  • Exit from your room at the hotel; you can kick off side quests by going into the room opposite yours.
  • Head downstairs and talk to the innkeeper; you’ll get another sidequest.
  • Go to Coverside (between Asher Rd. and Hubert Ave.) and enter the Expedition Headquarters. Remember that buildings you can enter are marked with “H” as per hobo code.
  • Examine all objects in the expedition HQ’s rooms, then use Mind’s Eye to locate and follow shadow crows to enter an area you couldn’t otherwise.
  • In the basement, the the lone baddie.
  • Pick up the note.
  • Enter the portal and piece the timeline together:
    • 1: “We don’t have time”
    • 2: “Grab the papers.”
    • 3: Prayer
    • 4: “Burn it all.”
  • Head to the newspaper office; speak to the lady at the desk and agree to an interview (Achivement/Trophy: Extra! Extra!).
  • Then, go to the back and use the archives, selecting the advertisement evidence from your casebook, then selecting the following:
    • Advertisements
    • Grimhaven Bay
    • After the Flood
    • (Achievement/Trophy: The Pleasure of Finding things Out).
  • Head back to the Oakmont Pier and speak with the man in the booth.
  • Head down the dock and kill any enemies.
  • Examine all evidence/corpses on the dock.
  • Enter the portal and piece the timeline together:
    • 1: “No more drink.”
    • 2: “To the mair with you!”
    • 3: “You can’t take me!”
  • Head back to the fisherman, who’ll tell you about Captain Sanders and a shoulder injury.
  • Travel to the Hospital of St. Mary in Coverside.
  • Speak with the doctor and agree to treatment (Achievement/Trophy: First, Do No Harm)
  • Use the archives, with the Sanders evidence highlighted:
    • Patients
    • Surgery
    • Grimhaven Bay
  • Head to the 3rd floor and find the man with the shoulder wound, aka Sanders. Speak to him and use your Mind Palace to form a conclusion when done.
  • Go downstairs to the basement of the surgery room and use your Mind’s Eye to be directed to the ship’s log.
  • Travel to Grimhaven Bay (C. Smith Ave. between Levi Coffin Ave. and Deepshore Rd.) and head inside the Diving Suit Factory to get the functioning diving suit. You’ll have to fight enemies.
  • Head back to the pier and take the boat to the Devil’s Teeth.
  • Dive (Achievement/Trophy: Deep Breath).
  • Speed ahead into a cavern and shed your diving suit.
  • Talk with everyone and inspect all clues; take photos where prompted (a white outline around your viewfinder will tell you that you’ve focused on the right thing).
  • Examine the altar in the middle of the space.
  • Enter the portal and piece together the timeline:
    • 1: Point farthest from the altar
    • 2: The altar
    • 3: The fight and escape
  • Head into your Mind Palace and form conclusions and decide how to proceed.
  • Leave and head to Oldgrave and the Throgmorton Manor; speak with Robert.

Case closed! Next, Quid Pro Quo.

The Sinking City is available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.

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