Scott Pilgrim vs The World Achievement guide and roadmap

An oldie... and still a goodie.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is back after a six-year delisting from Xbox and PlayStation Stores, now available on Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. This guide is an Achievement guide and roadmap which will also work on other platforms.


  • Estimated Achievement difficulty: 3/10 with cheats, 6/10 without
  • Approximate amount of time to complete: 10 hours with cheats, longer without
  • Offline Achievements: 19 Achievements worth 1,000 Gamerscore
  • Online Achievements: 4
  • Number of missable Achievements: 0
  • Glitched Achievements: 0
  • Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
  • Minimum playthroughs: 6 full, several partial


Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a fantastic pixel art side-scroller that’s incredibly tough if you’re playing it without cheats. Playing as Scott, Ramona, Kim, Stills, Wallace or Knives, each character will need to be levelled up to level 16 and beefed up with purchasable items to really be able to survive in later levels. For those wanting to play without cheats, that’ll mean sticking to one character and grinding cash to be able to upgrade.

For those who don’t mind cheat codes, a couple are extremely useful. First, the Power of Love sword will help to beat enemies; second, an extra controller and the Noble Sacrifice cheat is a great way to earn quick cash in order to level up incredibly fast. If you’re using these cheats, you’ll be able to complete the game in a far quicker fashion.

Code description Where to input it Inputs
Begin every level with the Power of Love sword At the (very yellow) title screen
  • Xbox: X, X, X, A, B, Y
  • PlayStation: Square, Square, Square, X, Circle, Triangle
  • Switch: Y, Y, Y, B, A, X
Noble Sacrifice (trade a life for $50) At any time when actually playing in-game; collect the money, revive the second player and repeat.
  • Xbox: Hold A the whole time, then input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B
  • PlayStation: Hold Cross the whole time, then input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, Circle
  • Switch: Hold B the whole time, then input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A


We’d suggest playing as follows:

  • Input the Sword of Love cheat.
  • Start the game on Average Joe difficulty with Scott — and remember to keep an eye out for Mr Chau.
  • Once you’ve completed the first level, quit out to the menu. Grab a second controller, head back to the Shopping District and use the Noble Sacrifice cheat to fully level up Scott.
  • Complete the game with Scott (keep remembering to look for Mr Chau!). Aim to eat all available food at shops.
  • Start on Supreme Master difficulty and play through select levels with Scott.
  • Use the Noble Sacrifice cheat with Scott and a second character to level up the second character (use Ramona, Kim, Stills, Wallace and Knives). Complete the game with each character (aim for under 90 min with Knives). Keep looking out for Mr Chau!
  • Play online and complete the level “Main Stage” with each character. Boosting with a friend will make this go faster.
  • Mop up any unfinished Achievements including online KOs and Knives-specific actions.


The Power Of Friendship: Reanimated another player at least 25 times.

If you’re using our roadmap, you can do this at the same time you’re using the Noble Sacrifice cheat to earn quick cash. It requires two controllers to do. With two characters selected and in a level, clear an area of enemies, and then input the code — hold down jump (A on Xbox, Cross on PlayStation) and input up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, block (B on Xbox, Circle on PlayStation). One character will die, but $50 worth of toonies will spawn as well. Collect the money, revive the downed player by mashing B or Circle, and then rinse and repeat.

We’d suggest raising at least $650: $700 when doing this, because you’ll then be able to visit the Shopping District and the video store to then pay off Scott’s late fees and then buy all the items you need to be fully levelled up.

Once your debt is paid ($504.25), you’ll need to buy 10 copies of “Seven Shaolin Masters” ($49.50) to fully max your stats, and up to 16 copies of “Alone and Disturbed” ($79.20) to hit the level cap of 16.

Shopaholic: Bought all the items of a shop during the same visit.

You’ll need roughly $632.95 to fully level up each character, so we’d suggest combining this Achievement with The Power of Friendship. Use the easy money cheat until you’ve amassed $700.00 or so, and then hit up the shops on the level Shopping District. The video store isn’t the place to grab this specific Achievement, though — head right down the street and buy up all the items in the Delicious Cup. It’ll cost you $10.85 to buy every single item in the shop.

If you’re asked to get the item “to go”, say no — you’ll need to injest the item then and there to unlock this.

Dirty Trick: Defeated an enemy by throwing an object at him while he was already down.

If you’ve used the Power of Love sword cheat, down an enemy and throw your sword (with Y on Xbox, or Triangle on PlayStation) to hopefully KO an enemy. When this is done, the Achievement will be yours.

New Challenger: Defeated Matthew Patel without losing a life.

If you don’t get this on the first time around, we’d be surprised — especially if you’ve used our tips above to be Level 16 and have the Power of Love Sword at your side when fighting Patel.

Armed And Dangerous: Defeated at least 200 enemies using interactive objects.

The Power of Love sword counts as an interactive object, so you’ll earn this through normal gameplay and easily have it done before your first playthough is complete.

Invulnerable: Played through a World and reached the boss without getting hit.

The easiest way to do this is to complete Level 3 in its entirety, then reload Leo’s Palace. Once you regain control of your character, hit start and exit out to the map, then load up Main Stage. Fully levelled up and with the Power of Love sword, the mini-boss should be easy to beat without taking damage.

Next, rush through the cooridoor without being hit (double-tapping right to sprint and then Y or Triangle to bust through walls works well here), and you’ll have this Achievement after hitting Todd with your guitar.

Twin Dragons: Defeated the Twins simultaneously.

With the Power of Love sword this is ridiculous easy, but it’s also pretty easy by hitting RT/R1 when levelled up. Make sure to attack the twins when they’re together and it should be rather simple.

Vigilante: Defeated 1000 enemies.

You should unlock this in the course of gameplay — generally, you’ll have this in your first playthrough.

Gourmet: Ate every food items.

You can earn this as part of your first playthrough. Below are all locations (alongside images), complete with all required food items and prices.

Shopping District: The Delicious Cup

Found to the right of the video store.

  •  Tea: $1.40
  • Coffee: $1.60
  • Espresso: $1.60
  • Hot Chocolate: $2.50
  • Iced Latte: $3.75

Shopping District: Dee’s Tex Mex

Found to the right of the Delicious Cup.

  • Nachos: $7.75
  • Tacos: $9.85
  • Burrito Grande: $11.25
  • Quesadilla: $13.50
  • Fajitas $17.95

Shopping District: Mini-Marts

This is to the right of Dee’s Tex Mex; you’ll cross an intersection and it’s on the corner. In the image below, it’s the shop on the left.

  • Chewing Gum: $0.95
  • Chocolate Bar: $1.25
  • Cola: $1.80
  • Grape Juice: $2.25
  • Energy Drink: $2.95

Shopping District: Sushi Bar

This is to the right of the Mini-Marts; in the image above, it’s on the right.

  • Miso Soup: $2.50
  • Avocado Hosomaki: $2.50
  • Salmon Nigiri: $3.85
  • Ikura Don: $4.60
  • Rainbow Maki: $8.75

Shopping District: Wallace’s Mystery Shop

Once you’ve cleared those four shops above, you’ll come to an underpass. Look for a star on the wall and enter this secret shop.

Only two items are foodstuffs, as below:

  • Tlaloc’s Feast: $49.95
  • Ambrosia: $59.95

Casa Loma’s Film Set: Fancy Chip Wagon

This is right at the start of the level.

  • French Fries: $1.80
  • Poutine: $3.50
  • European Hot-Dog: $3.80
  • Buffalo Burger: $5.80
  • Croque-Mineieur: $6.50

Leo’s Place: Leo’s Place Stand

You’ll find this around mid-way through the level. Look for a neon sign that reads, “Leo’s Shop”.

  • Carbonated Water: $0.60
  • Classic Potato Chips: $0.95

The Frying Tengu: The Frying Tengu

This is about halfway through the level as well. Look for the red-and-white awning.

  • Ramen: $5.95
  • Udon: $5.95
  • Tempura Vegetables: $5.95
  • Tempura Shrimps: $5.95
  • Kushiyaki Moriawase: $14.95

Fire Escape: Scott’s Dad BBQ

This is right near the start of the level — move right a bit and look for the welcome mat.

  • Iced Tea: $0.95
  • Tropical Punch: $2.25
  • Kebab: $4.95
  • Hamburger: $4.95
  • Filet Mignon: $18.95

The Park: Mobile’s Secret House

This hidden store’s entrance is in a star-shaped gap between four NPCs. If you can’t enter the shop, just move left and right and keep mashing up and you’ll find the sweet spot.

  • Herbal Tea: $1.60
  • Wild Blueberries: $2.95
  • Ginkgo Biloba: $9.95
  • Sautéed Shiitake: $9.95

Techno Base: Techno Shack

The final food store is about halfway through the level. After taking out blue female enemies coupled with flying enemies, look for a door with an “F” to the side of it.

  • Food Pill: $2.50
  • Beef Jerky: $2.95
  • Energy Tank: $3.95
  • Microwave Chicken: $3.95

You’ll pop the Achievment after eating the final food item. All up, the food will cost you $344.00.

Get The Girl: Finished the game with Scott.

You’ll earn this after taking out Gideon (again and again) with Scott.

One Man Army: Cleared the game in single player on the “Supreme Master” difficulty setting.

Now that you’ve completed the game, you’ll need to up the difficulty to “Supreme Master”. Thankfully, you only need to complete a handfull of levels, as follows:

  • Shopping District (Matthew Patel)
  • Casa Loma Parking Lot (Lucas Lee)
  • Main Stage (Envy, Lynette and Todd)
  • Chengdu Gardens (Roxy Richter)
  • Dragon’s Den (The Twins)
  • Eerie Forest (Nega Scott)
  • Techno Base (Gideon)

Notice how those are all boss levels? Yeah.

“Chaudown”: Unlocked and called all strikers.

For this one, you’ll need to call in a total of four strikes (LB on Xbox, L1 on PlayStation) — ensuring you’re doing damage with each one.

You only have access to one at the beginning of the game, with the three others earned as follows:

  • Knives Chau: The original striker. No action required.
  • Mr Chau: You’ll need to look for Mr Chau on the level select screen; he randomly appears but is said to be more likely to appear after repeatedly defeating Todd (World 3). See below for what to look for on the world map. Find him, successfully beat him, and he’ll be randomly accessable when calling on a striker as the character you used to beat him.

  • Mrs Chau: She will also randomly become available to the character that you’ve beat Mr Chau with. Keep hitting the summon button until you see her (or, alternatively, play as Knives and use her default summon).
  • Nega Knives: Accessible by Nega Scott. To play as this character, you’ll need to fully beat the game with Scott, Ramona, Stills and Kim.

It’s All In The Reflexes: Caught a flying object at least 25 times with Knives.

First, ensure your Knives character is at level 4 or above.

Then, go into Extra Modes and select Battle Royale. Have one controller play as Knives, while the second as another character. Using the one who isn’t Knives, pick up and object from outside the ring and press Y or Triangle to throw it.

As Knives, hit B or Circle to catch it. Rinse and repeat 24 more times.

Speed Run: Cleared the game in 90 minutes or less with Knives.

Using the cheats we’ve detailed above, it should be relatively easy to complete the game as Knives in under 90 minutes.

Ninja Somersault: Performed at least 10 consecutive head stomps successfully with Knives.

First, ensure your Knives character is at level 11 or above to gain access to the move (jump, then hit Y or Triangle).

Next, you can go for this in one of two places. First, try on Subspace Highway? against Gideon (see the video above), or in Extra Game Modes and Survival Horror.

To earn the Achievement, you’ll need to jump and hit Y to hit an enemy — and then repeat this nine more times — without touching the ground.

Wallace the novice!: Complete your first online match.

For this and for Everybody wants to play, you’ll need to complete a single boss level with all characters in online co-op (via Network Game). The fastest level to complete is Main Stage. Beat Envy, Lynette and Todd and this will count as a completion.

Everybody wants to play: Play Online with all characters at least once (including Wallace Wells)

For this and for Wallace the novice!, you’ll need to complete a single boss level with all characters in online co-op (via Network Game). The fastest level to complete is Main Stage. Beat Envy, Lynette and Todd and this will count as a completion; do this with all required characters and the Achievement will pop.

Wallaciraptor!: Knockout 200 enemies in online mode.

You’ll gain a couple kills in online mode just from getting the two Achievements above. Play Leo’s Place and finish level 3 entirely for another 80-85 kills or so, and you’ll likely almost be at your goal. Replay Leo’s Place until this pops.

And… It’s a Wrap!: Clear the game once with Wallace Wells.

Complete the entire game as Wallace using the cheats we’ve detailed above. This doesn’t have to be online in co-op.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, PS4, PS5 and Switch on 14 January 2021.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World The Game

14 January 2021
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