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Can you replay missions in Halo Infinite?

Update: 343’s Paul Crocker has confirmed to Stevivor that the ability to replay missions in Halo Infinite — aka a level select — is in the works.

There’s no ETA on the update as yet.

Original story: Halo Infinite is about to drop and players are gearing up for its single-player campaign after weeks of multiplayer goodness. With co-op campaign capabilities sadly delayed until at least May 2022, Spartans might be curious if they can replay missions now or in the months to come.

The short answer is simple on this one: no, you can’t. Each save file gets one crack at a mission; complete it and you’re locked out of it forever more.

The longer answer means you can replay missions, but you’re probably not going to how it works. Unlike previous Halo entries, you can’t simply relaunch a mission — if you’d like to replay one, you’ll need to start up a new save and play it again over the course of that save’s storyline. Just like before, finish a mission on that save and you’re again locked out of it.

If you are heading into a second or third save, you can at least take heart in the fact that collectible progression continues throughout any of your saves. If you found a Skull in save 1, you’ll be able to apply it in another save without worry.

We’re asking Microsoft and 343 Industries if this functionality will change; if you miss an Audio Log or a Skull in a mission, for example, you’re essentially locked out of it unless you want to replay the game again.

Halo Infinite is now live on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. Check out our Halo Infinite review here.

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