Pokemon Let’s Go Legendary Pokemon guide: Catch ’em all


The game's top prizes.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee are out now, and Trainers are working hard to catch all the Pokemon in the game’s Pokedex. We’re here to help with the game’s four Legendary Pokemon!

Here’s where to find Legendary Pokemon Articuno, Mewtwo, Moltres, and Zapdos.

Unlike most Pokemon in the game, you’ll need to first fight and defeat each Legendary (within five minutes) before trying to capture it. If you’ve used the Poke Flute on Snorlax in the game, it’s like that… only harder.

It’s recommended you save your progress before engaging with any Legendary Pokemon.


You’ll find Articuno in the Seafoam Islands, directly east of Cinnabar Island.

You can use your strength to push four blocks; the two near the Dragonair Master Trainer are the ones’s your after to find this Legendary Pokemon. After solving both puzzles, drop into one and surf to Articuno.

Pokemon like Kabutops are effective against Articuno, able to resist its Ice Beam and launch Rock-type attacks that are highly effective. Overall, Articuno is weak against attacks from Electric-, Rock-, Fire- and Steel-types.


Obtainable after defeating the Pokemon League, head to the Cerulean Cave and surf left after entering. Take the ladders up to the Pokemon.

Mewtwo’s a tough fight, but Dark-type Pokemon are useful as they’re not impacted by its Psychic attacks.


Moltres can be found after strength puzzles inside a cave on Victory Road. Look for Officer Jenny and a strength block to her right. Move that and then head downstairs to Moltres.

Rock-, Water- and Electric-type attacks are most effective against Moltres.


Zapdos is found in the Power Plant — Surf along the water on Route 10 (this is easier to get to from Cerulean City than Vermilion City) to get there.

Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon like the Geodude, Onix and Rhyhorn are effective against Zapdos (or, rather, they’re immune to some of its attacks). Moreover, Rock- and Ice-type attacks are effective against Zapdos.

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Pokemon Let’s Go is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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