Minecraft Dungeons secret levels guide: More to hack and slash

Minecraft Dungeons is almost ready for players on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, and ahead of release we’ve got a secret levels guide that’ll provide more to play.

Minecraft Dungeons Underhalls secret level

While playing through Highblock Halls, be on the lookout for a door with a shield on either side. Hit the leftmost shield to activate the teleport door, then head inside. Once in the new room, head over to the pedestal and interact with the object on top. Doing so will unlock the Underhalls secret level.

The video below shows how to unlock the level alongside a look at the level itself. I admittedly flew through the Underhalls level once unlocked, so there’s likely far more to be found.

Minecraft Dungeons Creepy Crypt secret level

(With thanks to 100% Guides — start at 0:27.)

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave secret level

(With thanks to 100% Guides — start at 2:08.)

Minecraft Dungeons Arch Haven secret level

(With thanks to 100% Guides — start at 4:27.)

Minecraft Dungeons ??? secret level

The ??? secret level is very Diablo-inspired, right down to killer cows. As discovered by Skycaptin5lol on YouTube, you’ll need to find 10 runes and beat the game at least once. The video below shows you the rune locations and the secret level itself.

Minecraft Dungeons heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch tomorrow and is part of Xbox Game Pass on both Windows PC and Xbox One. We reviewed it here.

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