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Mass Effect Liara Dig Site XP Glitch still works in Legendary Edition

Perfect if you're on an Insanity run.

The ol’ Mass Effect Liara Dig Site XP Glitch still works within Mass Effect Legendary Edition… and even using its new Legendary levelling system to boot.

The XP glitch has long been identified and involves saving and reloading at a very specific point within the game.

The glitch takes place at Therum at Liara’s Dig Site. Once you run into her via cutscene, and then take out nearby enemies, you’ll then head towards a lazer that will break Liara out.

Complete the lazer puzzle — which we believe to be randomised (green is a good keystroke, red isn’t; memorise what works) and then wait for the XP notification to pop in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once that happens, save the game.

Next, reload the save you just made and wait for the XP prompt to re-appear in the bottom right corner. Once that happens, save again (and you can re-save over your original). Then, rinse and repeat.

It’ll take you a while — hours, in fact, to get to Level 60 — but this is a way to gain levels without actual combat if you’re working on an Insanity run. You’re welcome!

Expect Mass Effect Legendary Edition from 14 May on Windows PC via EA Play and Steam alongside Xbox One and PS4 (also compatible on Xbox Series S & X and PS5).

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

14 May 2021
PC PS4 Xbox One

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