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How many levels does Battletoads have?

A total count is below alongside (spoilery) act and level names.

Battletoads is out now, available to Windows PC and Xbox One players through Xbox Game Pass, and we’ve got the skinny on how many levels it has.

All up, there are 25 levels spread out over three acts. Spoilers continue below if you’d like to see the names of each act and level. It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete the game on a mix of Toad (normal) difficulty.

  • Act 1: Toad to nowhere
    • Feed the fantasy
    • Menial jobs
    • To the Queen!
    • At the Carn-evil
    • So that’s how that works
    • Toadshambo
    • Time for Plan B
  • Act 2: Pride and Predjuzitz
    • Toadshambo 2: Re-toaded
    • Stumped
    • A hard axe to follow
    • The trials of pummel horse
    • Mis-treatied
  • Act 3: The Pimple joys in life
    • Spacebrawls
    • We go high
    • Street justice!
    • Bigger than it looks
    • Reaching the peak
    • A rock and a hard place
    • Most unwanted
    • Emergency stations!
  • Act 4: A Rash decision
    • Gut reaction
    • Show’s over!
    • Nightmare riders
    • Dissed Topians
    • The last stand

Battletoads is available now on Windows PC and Xbox One, part of the Xbox Game Pass on Console, PC and Ultimate subscription programs. We reviewed Battletoads right here.


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