How many episodes are there in Death Stranding?


Spoiler-free (number of episodes) and spoiler-filled (episode names) can be found within, clearly marked.

Death Stranding wasn’t our cup of tea, but if you’re happy to bang your head against a brick wall and watch some cutscenes, don’t let us stop you. For those deciding to play, you might be interested to know just how many episodes there are inside Death Stranding. We’ve got your answer in both spoiler-free and spoiler-filled forms.

Spoiler-free answer

Death Stranding has 16 episodes, including an initial prologue. All up, the game took us around 45 hours to complete — most side-quests were disregarded in that playthrough.

Spoiler-filled answer

Spoilers start here in case that heading above didn’t make it clear. We won’t speak of story beats, but you might get something from the names of the episodes themselves, which we have posted below.

Episode names are below.

Death Standing episode names

  • Prologue
  • Episode 1: Bridget
  • Episode 2: Amelie
  • Episode 3: Fragile
  • Episode 4: Unger
  • Episode 5: Mama
  • Episode 6: Deadman
  • Episode 7: Clifford
  • Episode 8: Heartman
  • Episode 9: Higgs
  • Episode 10: Die-Hardman
  • Episode 11: Clifford Unger
  • Episode 12: Bridges
  • Episode 13: Sam Strand
  • Episode 14: Lou
  • Episode 15: Tomorrow is in your hands

Death Stranding is available on PS4 from 8 November; it also heads to Windows PC in 2020.