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Forza Horizon 4 homes guide: Costs and perks detailed

Forza Horizon 4 is about your Horizon life, and that involves buying a whole bunch of real estate. This guide will help you decide which home to buy, and when.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Gables

This is the first home you’ll encounter in Forza Horizon 4 and is part of normal in-game progression.

  • Location: North of Broadway
  • Cost: 0 Credits
  • Perk(s): Drone mode

Sunflower Meadows

Likely the second home you’ll buy. We did it so early on we forgot to take note of its benefits.

  • Location: West of Ambleside
  • Cost: 200,000 Credits
  • Perks: Green Wellies, 1 Super Wheel Spin

Croftdale Farm

A cheap little number up in the north.

  • Location: Northwest of Glen Rannoch
  • Cost: 200,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Sheep horn, Super Wheel Spin

Kingfisher Cottage

This quaint little abode isn’t too hard on the wallet.

  • Location: East of the Slate Quarry
  • Cost: 350,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Rubber Ducky horn, 1 Wheel Spin

Thatch Corner

Fancy place right on the beach?

  • Location: East of Astmoor
  • Cost: 500,000
  • Perk(s): “Are we there yet?” chat line, 2 Super Wheel Spins

The Huntsman’s Lodge

Quiet, cosy and with a great perk.

  • Location: West of Derwent water and inside the Lakehurst Forest
  • Cost: 750,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): DJs will play Skill Songs, 3 Super Wheel Spins

Castleview Road

Convenient for any plans you’ve got in Edinburgh.

  • Location: South of Edinburgh
  • Cost: 750,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Red Velvet Blazer, 3 Super Wheel Spins

Derwent Mansion

Another pricey one.

  • Location: Southwest corner of Derwent Water
  • Cost: 1,500,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Golden Tank Top, 5 Super Wheel Spins

Fairlawn Manor

Another pricey one… but with an excellent perk.

  • Location: North of Moorhead Wind Farm
  • Cost: 2,000,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Fast travel anywhere on the map, Silver Top Hat, 10 Super Wheel Spins

Lake Lodge

If you’re a VIP member, this home is also free… and if not, be prepared to pony up.

  • Location: North of Derwent Water
  • Cost: 5,000,000 Credits (or free for VIPs)
  • Perk(s): Forzathon boost (double points), 5 Super Wheel Spins

Bamburgh Castle

You’d better start saving up for this one.

  • Location: East of Moorhead Wind Farm
  • Cost: 10,000,000 Credits
  • Perk(s): Barn Find rumour, 10 Super Wheel Spins

Edinburgh Castle

Hope you’ve been saving your cash… you’ll need it.

  • Location: Centre of Edinburg
  • Cost: 15,000,000
  • Perk(s): Alfa Romeo P3, 10 Super Wheel Spins

Forza Horizon 4 heads to Windows PC and Xbox on 28 September for early access players, and early October for the rest of us. Check out our other guides below.

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