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Doom Eternal Daisy guide: Where to find your pet rabbit

During our playthough of Doom Eternal we stumbled across an imprisoned rabbit about halfway through the eleventh mission Nekravol-Part 2. Turns out, the rabbit’s called Daisy and is pretty important to the game’s protagonist.

We found Daisy sitting in a particular cell in one of the game’s final missions, occasionally popping her head up to check and see what’s going on.

Below, you’ll find a shot of the game map that helps to find the furry little gal.

Daisy has appeared in a multitude of Doom titles. Daisy is the the Doom Slayer’s pet bunny, and has appeared in Doom Episode 3: Inferno, Episode 4: The Flesh Consumed and is even mentioned as part of the Doom Slayer’s bio in Quake Champions.

Daisy was even teased in Doom Eternal by the official Doom Twitter account WAY back in 2018:

Let us know if you spot any other weird things in Doom Eternal. The title heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 on 20 March; we reviewed it here.

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