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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Jade Rabbit locations: Find ’em all

Here's what to do with your Small Rice Cake drops.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is out now and with it comes a host of new challenges and tasks. One of those is connected to a Small Rice Cake drop that you’ll notice from time to time. They’re connected to hidden Jade Rabbit statues — this guide will show you all of those statue locations.

The locations of all ten Jade Rabbit statues are below, but keep in mind you’ll need a Small Rice Cake to collect each and every one. You can check out text descriptions below, linked to a map that’s also below.

  1. Anchor of Light: On top of a tall building, right near an antenna.
  2. Hellmouth Surface: Look for a fissure; travel up that and look for a purple tarp. It’s right next to it.
  3. Archer’s Line: In the back of the domed building — look near terminals in a room off to the side.
  4. K1 Logistics Lost Sector: Look to the room behind the loot chest when you reach the end. This one’s on a pedestal next to a cat (aww!).
  5. Sorrow’s Harbor: As you’re on the main bridge running north, look in between some Hive pillars connected to a red bridge-like object to your left. It’s in between the Hive pillars.
  6. Circle of Bones: Behind a pillar in the lower part of the main arena. This one’s a bit hard to find; look out for purple glowing eyes.
  7. Chamber of Night: Below the Hellmouth and sitting on top of a giant rock next to an area shrouded in darkness.
  8. Shrine of Oryx: After moving through the circular corridor, hug the left and look on the left hand side of one of the pillar-like structures. The rabbit is on a cliff looking outward.
  9. K1 Revelation Lost Sector: In the back of the area, attached to the Memory of Sai Mota quest; you’ll need a key to get into this special room.

It’s unclear what collection all of the Jade Rabbits will do as yet — no one’s been able to acquire ten Small Rice Cakes this quickly — but we do know that each of the statues you collect will display in the Sanctuary. It’s likely those who find all the rabbits will get an emblem for their trouble.

Sanctuary itself is right at the spawn point near Eris Morn on the Moon; look for a ramp that takes you down into the special trophy room.

Work better off a video? It’s Planet Destiny to the rescue!

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed the expansion here.


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