Destiny 2: Where are my pre-order bonuses?


Destiny 2 is available now on myriad platforms (and PC coming next month), and with it, a bunch of different pre-order bonuses that were offered.

Depending on platform and region, you’re entitled to a number of goodies if you pre-ordered. The question is, where are they? We’ve answers below.

It should be noted that you may need to go through extra redemption options to obtain your extras — digital pre-orders usually are pre-redeemed, while you may need to enter additional codes on the Xbox and PlayStation Stores if you’ve bought a physical copy.


Emotes, such as the Salute emote or other Legendary gestures, are awaiting you in your Vault’s Collection area. To access your Collection, you’ll need to visit a Vault kiosk at The Farm.

Can’t find a kiosk? There’s one at The Farm between the Eververse and Hawthorne. Simple!

Destiny emblems

Are you a returning player? You may be entitled to extra emblems depending on your progress. Like the emote(s), they should be awaiting you in your Vault’s Collection screen.

Kill-Tracker Ghost shell

Your Kill-Tracker Ghost shell also requires a bit of work — get to Level 20, and then go and speak with Shaxx. He’ll have a gift for you.

We also picked up similar Ghost shells with The Eververse at the same time; it’s unclear if they were random drops or intentional. Help us confirm this in the comments area, below.

Coldheart Exotic trace rifle

This fancy pre-order weapon is withheld from you until you’ve reached Level 20 and have finished the campaign’s campaign.

Once complete, your cold-based weapon will be waiting with the Gunsmith. Time for Strikes and the Raid?

Limited/Special Edition Sword

Just like the Coldheart, your special Sword is also unlocked after hitting Level 20 and finishing the Campaign. Head back to The Farm when you’ve met that criteria.

Limited/Special Edition Emote, Emblem

Good news, Guardians — the Legendary emote and emblem should be unlocked straight away. They’ll be sitting in your Vault’s Collection’s area, so you’ll need to get to The Farm first.

Any we missed? Sound off in the comments area, below.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Windows PC on 24 October.