Destiny 2 subclasses guide: How to get ’em all


For when you want ALL the powers.

Ah, Destiny 2. Titans are punchy, Hunters are jumpy and Warlocks… well, Warlocks hover. In addition to these class differences, each character type also has three subclasses to access. Here’s how to obtain ’em.

After finishing the game’s opening story missions, you’ll find your class of choice is restricted to one subclass — that is, the newest one your class has available. If you’re not keen on the Arcstrider Hunter, as an example, instead preferring the Gunslinger Hunter, you’ll have to earn it.

It appears that each subclass will drop a relic to activate it — the relic drops are random, so the only advice we can give to obtain them is to play Destiny 2. Once you obtain a relic, you’ll need to meet a specific criteria (our first relic required participation in Public Events).

That complete, you’ll then need to go on a quest mission to unlock and try the subclass out.

That’s it! Have fun powering up your Guardians, players.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4, and heads to Windows PC in October.