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Destiny 2 The Lie quest guide: Get Felwinter’s Lie Exotic shotgun

And quest step 1 requires teamwork, Guardians!

Destiny 2 has a new quest in the form of The Lie and a datamine suggests it will lead to Felwinter’s Lie, an Exotic shotgun. This is what you’ll need to do to acquire the shotty (with thanks, again, to Twitter’s Ginsor!)!

Quest step 1: Warmind Evaluation

Head to Mars and speak with Ana Bray to begin. She’ll tell you that Rasputin requires you to complete Public Events on Io, the EDZ and the Moon, with the community expected to complete 3,000,000 events on each planet.

Fun, right?

Quest step 2: One of Many

Once the community accomplishes step 1, we’ll be tasked to head back to Ana Bray on Mars for a debrief.

Quest step 3: Vostok

Ana and Rasputin will send you on a quest-specific mission, tasking you to gather energy as you progress.

Quest step 4: Shotgun Telemetry

With step 3 accomplished, you’ll be asked to get shotgun kills. Both PvP and PvE enemies will count toward this total.

Quest step 5: Lunar Trip

Rasputin will ask you to go to the Lunar Seraph Bunker once you’ve obtained your shotgun kills. Head on over to the Moon and follow your quest marker.

Quest step 6: Warmind Heuristics

The final step in the quest will involve the investigation of “one of Rasputin’s closest-held secrets” and may come in the form of another mission or a simple quest marker inside the Lunar Seraph Bunker.

The Felwinter’s Lie Exotic Shotgun

Your reward is Felwinter’s Lie, a popular Exotic shotgun that debuted in the original Destiny. It appears to come as a fixed roll with Full Choke, Accurized Rounds, Slideshot and Opening Shot attributed, with the Shot Package perk — that provides a uniform pellet spread.

Destiny 2 is avaliable now on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia where available. Let’s all tackle step 1, Guardians!


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