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Destiny 2 Forsaken cats guide: Felines in the Dreaming City

Cat + Small Gift = Legendary Weapon. Nice.

Destiny 2 Forsaken has a lot of cute side content, but cats in the Dreaming City definitely wins the prize for the most adorable. Best yet, finding each of the Dreaming City’s 8 cats — and providing an offering of a Small Gift to each — will net you some useful Legendary weaponry. How could you go wrong?

We’ve a listing of all 8 cats — and where to find them — below. And remember: once you offer a Small Gift to a cat, the cat itself disappears.

Where to get Small Gifts

To active each cat, you’ll need a Small Gift. We’ve obtained this item in a number of different ways, but completing Patrols and Public Events inside The Dreaming City seems to be the easiest way.

Remember that The Blind Well counts as a Public Event!

Video guide

Thanks to Ninja Pups for an informative, concise video showing all locations. If you’d prefer to use it over text guides, feel free.

Our text guide will use the same order as the video for ease of use, providing time codes for each.

Cat 1

The first cat is located in the same large room as the Oracle (Divalian Mists). Head all the way to the top of the space to find the cat near a ledge, looking out a window. Decent view, eh?

Time code: 0:00.

Cat 2

Also in the Divalian Mists, take the path to the left of the Oracle (as you’re heading towards it; without entering it) and follow the topaz-like path all the way to the top of a mountainous structure. You’re looking for a giant crystal wall with a bit of an opening to jump up onto. A cat awaits you on the other side of the crystal wall.

Time code: 0:47.

Cat 3

This one’s in the Divalian Mists, in the same general area as The Dreaming City’s only fast travel point. Head left from the fast travel point and drop off the cliff, aiming for a cave that’s underneath. Travel through the cave to find the cat.

Time code: 1:39.

Cat 4

This one’s at the top of a mountain peak near the southernmost part of The Dreaming City (The Strand).

Time code: 2:11.

Cat 5

This one’s also near The Strand, up the side of a mountain near a building.

Time code: 2:41.

Cat 6

This one’s up in Rheasilvia. Head to where Petra would normally hang out in this area, but don’t turn right to greet her. Instead, continue down the path and be prepared for a bunch of jumping. You’ll eventually end up at a giant crystal; the cat waits at its foot.

Time code: 3:03.

Cat 7

This one’s north of Rheasilvia, atop a fancy tree inside a building.

Time code: 4:11.

Cat 8

This final cat is even further north of Rheasilvia, and requires a jump to get on the roof of an indoor building.

Time code: 4:40.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.


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