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Destiny 2 Crimson Days 2020 guide: Rewards, activities, more

Grab a friend.

Destiny 2 Crimson Days 2020 is on now, and we’ve all the details you’ll need to be successful within it.

Crimson Doubles

Crimson Days brings the return of Crimson Doubles, a 2v2 PvP playlist with the following enhancements:

  • Reunited: A buff that increases ability recharge when close to your teammate.
  • Falling Apart: A nerf that causes the enemy to see your position when you’re too far away from your teammate.
  • Vengeance: A buff that increases ability charge and health when your teammate is defeated.

Confectionary Hearts

Confectionary Hearts are the in-event currency needed for big rewards.

Completing Crimson Doubles matches and completing Crimson Bounties from Shaxx will reward you with Confectionary Hearts in the following manner:

  • Crimson Doubles win: 7 Hearts
  • Crimson Doubles loss: 5 Hearts
  • Daily Crimson Days Bounties: 15 Hearts each
  • Weekly Nightfall: 75 Hearts

Crimson Days 2020 Rewards

You’ll be able to turn your Confectionary Hearts into Shaxx for the following rewards:

  • Warmhearted Gift: 15 Confectionery Hearts
  • Tirastrella ghost shell: 25 Confectionery Hearts
  • Undeterred Exotic sparrow: 50 Confectionery Hearts
  • SVC-12 Exotic Sparrows: 50 Confectionery Hearts
  • IVC-10 Exotic Sparrow: 50 Confectionery Hearts
  • The Vow Solar combat bow (960 power): 100 Confectionery Hearts
  • Dieselpunk Wardcliff Coil ornament: 125 Confectionery Hearts
  • Flaunting Dance emote: 150 Confectionery Hearts

The Warmhearted Gift should really be purchased last; it contains items like Glimmer, random weapon drops and crafting materials.

The Sugary Ghost shell

Introduced in a previous Crimson Days event, the Sugary Ghost shell is available through Triumphs (Seasonal > Events > Crimson Days, in fact). Here’s what you’ll need to complete to earn it:

  • Earn all of Shaxx’s rewards (not counting the new Exotic Sparrows)
  • Complete 22 Crimson Doubles matches
  • Win 11 Crimson Doubles matches
  • Defeat 77 Guardians near their partner (Reunited buff active)
  • Defeat 77 Guardians away from their partner
  • Defeat 77 Guardians after you’ve killed their partner
  • Avenge your partner twice by earning Blood for Blood medals
  • Complete 11 Crimson Days bounties
  • Complete a Nightfall in a squad of two

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia.


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