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All Death Stranding cameos and where to find them

It's like Pokemon, but with delivery centres.

Death Stranding has a bunch of cameos inside; this guide will show you where to find ’em all.

We’ll keep this pretty simple, listing the celebrity/public figure in question alongside their location. Easy, eh? We’re also making use of amazing maps stitched together by PowerPyx, though the map references are our own.

East region cameos

1. Geoff Keighley (Ludens Fan)

This is the building labelled Ludens Fan. Geoff Keighley is a journalist, presenter, host of The Game Awards and friend of game director Hideo Kojima.

2. Daichi Miura (Musician)

This is the building labelled Musician. Miura is a Japanese singer and songwriter.

Central region cameos

3. Junji Ito (Engineer)

This is the building labelled Engineer. Ito is a Japenese horror writer and was tied to the now cancelled Silent Hills.

4. Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Film Director)

You’re probably sensing the theme here — this building is marked Film Director. Vogt-Roberts is a filmmaker currently adapting Metal Gear Solid into a feature film.

5. Edgar Wright (Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City)

The first building not to directly name the cameo, you’ll find Wright, director of Baby Driver, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and much more in the building marked Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City.

6. Hirokazu Hamamura (Collector)

Back to identifiable names — this is the Collector building. Hamamura is a former Famitsu editor who now works at Enterbrain, a publisher of Japanese gaming websites and magazines.

7. Errolson Hugh (Weather Station)

At the Weather Station, you’ll find Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM founder and designer.

8. Conan O’Brien (Cosplayer)

As we detailed in this guide, you’ll find late night host Conan O’Brien at the building marked Cosplayer. He’ll give you a fancy hat when you connect with him.

9. Sam Lake (Veteran Porter)

You’ll find the Veteran Porter east of the Paleontologist. Lake is a gaming legend, the face of Max Payne and head of its developer, Remedy. We’ve Lake to thank for Alan Wake, Quantum Break and Control as well.

10. Tommy Wirkola (Centre North of Mountain Knot City)

At the Centre North of Mountain Knot City you’ll find Tommy Wirkola, director of Dead Snow and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters.

11. Manabu Makime (Novelist’s Son)

At the Novelist’s Son location you’ll find Makime, a novelist himself.

12. Hermen Hulst (Craftsman)

At the Craftman location you’ll find Hulst, formerly of Sony first-party studio Guerrilla Games and now the Head of Sony Worldwide Studios.

Any we missed? Sound off in the comments area below.

Death Stranding is available now on PS4; it heads to Windows PC in 2020.


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