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Daymare 1998 puzzles guide: All puzzles, all solutions

Daymare 1998 is out now on Windows PC and heads to Xbox One and PS4 later in the week, so we thought we’d help out players new and returning with a handy puzzles guide.

All puzzles are sorted by the chapter they’re found in. Enjoy!

Daymare 1998 Chapter 1 puzzles

Restore power

As Liev, to get power back up and running, ensure that the following rooms receive some (indicated by a green light) and the pulling the lever (like the sign says):

  • Cargo Room
  • Submarine Shaft
  • Lab Area
  • Control Room
  • Reception/Hall
  • Security Room
  • Server Room

Regulate temperature of chambers

As Liev, to gain access to the contents of Chamber 4, you’ll need to first make sure the temperatures of each of the four chambers are as below. This is done by adding and removing nitrogen from each chamber using the control in Lab 01.

  • Chamber 1: -15°
  • Chamber 2: 20°
  • Chamber 3: 5°
  • Chamber 4: 0°

Founder’s room Greek passcode

As Liev, the most obscure puzzle of the game requires you to learn Greek. Rather than doing, just answer the following when posed each question:

  1. X A Σ T Ο P
  2. Π Ο Λ Λ Υ Ξ
  3. Γ O Λ Δ E Ν Φ Λ E E X E

Daymare 1998 Chapter 2 puzzles

House padlock

As Liev, you’ll need to enter a padlock combination inside a house to continue on. The combination is 637, as per the missing books in the upstairs bookshelf.

Cable car puzzle

As Sam, to get the cable car moving, you’ll first need to grab a fuse from the yellow generator from the area outside, out the back. Put the fuse in the red console to the left of the cable car.

Then, head over to the floor panel in front of the cable car and pull the levers in this order:

  1. Lever 4
  2. Lever 2
  3. Lever 5
  4. Lever 3
  5. Lever 1

With the break light sorted, input the following at the fuel pump:

  1. Turn 5
  2. Turn 3
  3. Turn 3
  4. Turn 3
  5. Turn 3
  6. Turn 3
  7. Turn 3
  8. Turn 5
  9. Turn 5
  10. Turn 5

Hospital Break Room padlock

As Sam, this padlock’s on a locker in the Relax Room. The combination is 251.

Hospital basement padlock

As Sam — another area, another padlock — this one is 667.

Hospital computer

As Sam, you’ll be asked to initialise a destruct sequence. Do the following:

  1. Switch row 3
  2. Switch row 2
  3. Load
  4. Switch row 1
  5. Switch row 3
  6. Load
  7. Switch row 3
  8. Switch row 4

Basement valves

As Sam, you’ll next be required to equalise pressure using five valves. To do so, input the following:

  1. Turn middle valve x4
  2. Turn right valve x5

Maternity Ward padlock

As Sam, the final padlock in the hospital (man, someone really liked the things in the RE2 Remake‘s RPD, eh?) is 434.

Daymare 1998 Chapter 3 puzzles

Shut down Gun Shop lights

As Raven, to shut down the Gun Shop’s lights, press the following buttons:

  1. Middle button, middle row
  2. Leftmost button, top row
  3. Rightmost button, bottom row

Sewer entrance

As Raven, at the sewer entrance, rotate the dials in the following manner:

  • Turn Bear River dial to Shipping
  • Turn Deer dial to Gold Digging
  • Turn Fort Vemilion dial to Hunting
  • Turn Colonel S. Crackhorn dial to Apple Harvesting

Sewer water pumps

As Raven — and in the easiest puzzles of the game (no Greek required): use the wiring to attach one terminal to the other. It’s a bit of a rip-off off RE2 Remake‘s similar puzzles.

Dam entrance code

As Raven, use the passcode 91455 to gain access to the damn. Wait at the puzzle and let Raven speak to gain the Deja Vu Achievement.

Dam padlock 1

Yet another padlock — this one is 514 (and there’s a Deer Bobblehead inside!).

Daymare 1998 Chapter 4 puzzles

Laundry padlock

This one’s found in the laundry — the passcode is 222.

Restaurant valves

In the restaurant, replace the valve and then match the white bits of the valves to the image that’s just above and to the left of the valves themselves (/, \, –)

Radio Tower computer passcode

The last passcode to the last puzzle of the game is oxcart.

Daymare 1998 is available on Windows PC and heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 28 April.

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