Control Hidden Locations guide: Get those Ability Points


Get that Master Parautilitarian Achievement or Trophy.

Control is all about boosting Jesse Faden’s abilities, and to do that you’ll need all valuable Ability Points. While the lion’s share of those are from side missions, you’ll also need to find a number of Hidden Locations to max her out. This guide will help you do just that.

To date, we’ve found a total of ten thirteen Hidden Locations, all detailed below. Heading to these locations will certainly help you acquire the game’s Master Parautilitarian Achievement, unlocked by getting 100% of the game’s ability upgrades.

We’ve kept this as spoiler-free as possible, though locations are named below. Be warned.

Update: Three more Hidden locations have been uncovered, bringing the total to thirteen.

  • Hidden Location 1: [Central Research, 0:00] Using both Levitate and the dash move, get up to a window covered in mold and break through. There’s a baddie in here too, alongside a special collectible.
  • Hidden Location 2: [Central Research, 0:53] We used Levitate and the Ground Slam move to get up to this one, all the way at the top of the Central Research area. Head down the stairs in the new area to see something weird.
  • Hidden Location 3: [The Pit, 1:19] From the Control Point up the stairs, work your way upwards.
  • Hidden Location 4 [The Pit, 1:55] This is near the mold sample in the toilets. Again, work your way up.
  • Hidden Location 5 [Janitor’s Office, 2:25] In the pipes area past the Janitor’s office, Levitate into the firebreak and hang a right. You can unlock a door that takes you back to the pipes area afterward.
  • Hidden Location 6 [NSC Power Plant, 2:54] This is at the top of the structure at the centre of the Power Plant. There’s also a Furnace TV for future reference.
  • Hidden Location 7 [Black Rock Quarry, 3:26] When you first enter the Quarry, look for a path to your left seeming blocked by large cubes. There’s an entry point in the top right. Then, head downwards and be mindful of mold enemies.
  • Hidden Location 8 [Transit Corridor South, 4:06] Look for an office window up along the wall. Fly up, break through and also enjoy another special collectible item while you’re there.
  • Hidden Location 9 [Panopticon (4th Floor), 4:30] After defeating the Traffic Light, fly over to the back of the room.
  • Hidden Location 10 [Panopticon (5th Floor), 4:39] This is on the 5th floor to the right of the P6 Cell. You’ll need to strategically Levitate from one opening to another. A gigantic Easter egg (or two) await you in this location.
  • Hidden Location 11 [Communications Department, 0:00]: Head to a weird room on the upper level of the Communications Department area. Go through a set of double doors and jump on the top of the closest cube/thing/whatever it is.
  • Hidden Location 12 [Communications Department, 0:17]: On the same level as Hidden Location 11, go through a locked door and look towards the back of the room to find a mold-infested area. You’ll need to either build up immunity to the mold (“Old Growth” side mission) or just risk death to get this one.
  • Hidden Location 13 [Logistics, 0:44]: Directly up and through a small hole in the roof when you’re standing at the Logistics Control Point.

We’ll add more Hidden Locations as we find them — or better yet, why don’t you help us out? Use the comments below to detail any we’ve missed.

Control is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.