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Control Foundation Pope’s Collection guide: Find those ID cards!

There's a secret waiting for you beneath the Warehouse.

The Control Foundation expansion is now available, and this guide will serve as a walkthrough for its Pope’s Collection mission.

You’ll get the mission by talking with Emily Pope after she enters the Crossroads area. She’ll give you a skeleton key and tell you to look for five (5) ID cards in the Warehouse area.

Find the 5 ID cards

The five ID cards are all located in the Warehouse area, as follows:

  1. On a bunk bed in the yellow building furthest from the Warehouse Control Point
  2. On a table in the yellow building at the top of the ramp near the Control Point
  3. From #2, on a piece of scaffolding around the corner
  4. In a corridor after using three crystal platforms to get into a whole in the large column
  5. In the elevator room at the rear of the column (ground level)

Our video guide, below, will show you all locations if needed. With all five cards found, it’s time to place them correctly and head to the lab.

The ID card placement puzzle

The cards need to be inserted in this order:

From the back of the room (opposite the door you enter):

  • Security Chief card: Close right (gun on desk)
  • Lead Physicist card: Far right (Newton’s Cradle on desk)
  • Head of Research card: Far wall, near door (lone station with photo of researchers)
  • Chief Excavation Engineer card: Far left (pickaxe on desk)
  • Senior Cartographer card: Close left (maps on desk)

Placing the cards in the correct order will grant you access to take the elevator to floor 0.

Gibbs and the secret lab

Head down into the lab and be prepared for a fight against a baddie named Gibbs. Here are our tips:

  • Be aggressive, launching everything you can at him.
  • He’ll hide in the back corners of the lab periodically; when that happens, be prepared to face plebs.
  • Gibbs will shoot a red beam of light at you that does massive damage; either use the lab to block the beam or pull up a Shield instead.

Keep at him and he’ll go down fast, allowing you to pick up the documents in the rear of the lab. From there, head back to Pope to complete the mission.

Video guide

Work better off a video? Easy done!

Control Foundation is available now on Windows PC and PS4; it heads to Xbox One in June.


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