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Control Foundation final boss battle guide

Spoilers for "The Pyramid" mission lie ahead.

The Control Foundation expansion is out now and we’ve got a guide on how to defeat its final boss.

Obviously, spoilers for Foundation and its final story mission, “The Pyramid”, lie ahead.

Turns out, Marshall was dead — that’s how she could use the Hotline, after all. The final boss of the expansion is none other than the Bureau’s former Head of Operations, and she’s a bit tough. Our tips and a video showing our success are below:

  • Marshall will either hang back or bum rush you. When she’s hanging back, dodge her grenades (or better yet, lob ’em back at her) and when she’s rushing, use Evade (or Shield Rush) or Levitation to get out of her reach.
  • Pummel her with bullets or throw objects at you whenever you can.
  • Be mindful that she’ll spawn baddie helpers from the outside rooms; immediately divert your attention to them (especially the Hiss Sharpened) and use the health they drop to heal up.

Keep that up and you’ll have Marshall done in no time.

Control‘s Foundation expansion is out now on Windows PC and PS4; it heads to Xbox One in June.


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