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Control Foundation Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform & boss guide

Ean Star Performance by besting the Third Act Villain boss.

Control‘s Foundation expansion is out now, and this guide is all about finding and completing its Jesse Faden Starring in Swift Platform side mission… including its challenging boss.

While all’s explained in the video below, here are some dot points to get you through.

  • You’ll need to dodge environmental obstacles throughout; this can usually be done by Levitating from one platform to another (or one back to the same one).
  • Enemies will spawn at various points; take them out as quickly as you can.
  • One Heavy enemy seems to tough to take down; head to the right platform and use your shield until an environmental obstacle takes him out.
  • For the final boss, Third Act Villian, ensure you’re using a Shield whenever possible — especially when it launches two projectiles at you — and take pot shots at him as quickly as you can. Beware the baddies that spawn halfway through!

This was, without doubt, the most challenging fight for me during the expansion — I’m normally very agressive in my fighting style, and this boss meant I had to completely change it up.

Control‘s Foundation expansion is available now on Windows PC and PS4; it heads to Xbox One in June.


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