Anthem There Be Giants Challenge guide


How to earn the Foundation vinyl.

The Anthem There Be Giants Challenge is now available, offering Freelancers the chance to earn a shiny new vinyl for their Javelins.

A time-gated event that ends soon, There Be Giants tasks players to find and defeat four Titans that are plaguing Bastion; do that and the Foundation vinyl is yours to wear. We’ve got all you need to tackle the challenge and earn the vinyl in our handy guide.

There Be Giants Titan locations

The four Titans have names — War, Ruin, Bane and Havoc — and are found at specific points inside the game. Here’s where to find them:

  • War – Monument Rock
  • Ruin – Great Falls Canyon
  • Bane – North of the Valley of Tarsis
  • Havoc – South of Eastern Reach

As we noted in our review, Titans are a bit of a pain — keep in mind though that you can set freeplay to Easy to make things go a bit faster. That said, if you’re playing in Hard or above you’ll have the chance to earn Masterwork loot.

Work better off a video? Easy; one’s below.

Anthem is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. The game’s Act 1 roadmap was recently detailed.